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VIFX/ Video Image tribute on visual effects archive page

One of the earliest visual effects companies to provide digital effects for the film industry was founded in 1984 in Marina Del Rey, CA. Originally started as a facility to provide filmakers with 24 frame video playback that synch to film cameras and computer screen graphic imagery, Video Image became one of the largest visual effects firms in the the 90's.

computer graphic and video for Escape From LA (1995)

vid-heads created by Video Image for Demolition Man (1993)

Founded by Greg McMurry, Richard Hollander, Rhonda Gunner and John Wash, Video Image provided visual effects and computer imagery for such high profile films as Timecop, Clear and Present Danger, The Relic, Hunt for Red October, 2010, Crimson tide, The Rock, Tank Girl, Se7en, Excutive Decision, Demolition Man and Sudden Death to name just a few.

video playback equipment for Demolition Man (1993)

Batplane miniature being shot at VIFX tank for Batman Forever (1993)

I started my career in effects working for them as a coordinator and I considered the experience my film school.

The company was eventually sold to 20th century fox who briefly merged it with their own BlueSky Studios. A few years later it was sold to another visual effects facility, Rythmn and Hues.

Video Image was groundbreaking for their early experimentation in digital effects technology when other companies were still using optical printers.

computer graphics by video Image for 2010 (1984)

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The Kathoga monster created by VIFX digital team

More pictures and info can be found at The Visual Effects Archive at this link

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